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  • Collection: Mary Jane Morgan

Cover of Morgan catalogue bound in red cloth.

Illustration of the Peach Bloom Vase, item no. 341, from the illustrated Morgan catalogue.

Illustration of peach bloom glaze porcelain from the Morgan illustrated catalogue.

Description and provenance information for the Peach bloom vase bought by William T. Walters, item no. 341, from the Morgan catalogue.

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Headlines from the New York Times regarding Walters' purchase of the Mary Morgan Peach bloom vase.

Title page of the illustrated Mary Morgan auction catalogue.

Measurements: H: 7 15/16 x Diam: 3 3/16 in. (20.2 x 8.1 cm) ; Geographies: China (Place of Origin) ; Medium: Porcelain with a peach bloom glaze.
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