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  • Collection: Stanford White

Cover of a Stanford White auction catalogue, Nov. 25, 1907.

Illustration of the ceiling in the dining room purchased by Howard Greenely, architect, for $3100 for client Edson Bradley to be installed in his home.

Back cover of White April 4, 1907 catalogue with Hearst tally of purchases from the sale ($4210).

Illustration of the music room from the April 4, 1907 White catalogue. Harpsichord now part of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Illustration of the Antique Spanish Doorway and Gate in Picture Gallery from the April 4, 1970 Stanford White catalogue.

Illustration of the Entrance to the Reception Room: Ground floor from the April 4, 1907 White catalogue.

Description for item no. 121, Drawing Room Ceiling Hearst purchased, from the April 4, 1907 White catalogue.

Description of item no. 169, Dining Room Ceiling purchased by Greenely for $3100, from the April 4, 1907 White catalogue.
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